Most of our lumber products are sourced from among the best tree farms of Malaysia, where a diversity of durable top-grade hardwood thrives.

Let’s face it: the world cannot do without lumber. Although our business has its roots in depriving the environment of trees that are vital to our existence, our company does its best to choose its suppliers with utmost care. We acquire our lumber only from responsible tree farms, and not from forests.

Certain hardware and construction supplies may be available, but could not make it to our list. We may be unable to keep our Products List up-to-date because the speed with which tools and equipment are manufactured keeps up with the pace of constantly evolving technology. Also, the overwhelming quantity of materials, equipment and tools needed in building a structure is quite daunting.

Because of this, we welcome inquiries regarding products not listed in our website.

For product lines that we really do not carry, we may be able to refer you to some of our colleagues and partners in the business as an added service. Our long experience in the business of hardware and construction supplies has given us the benefit of regularly interacting with the industry’s top suppliers and manufacturers, making them more accessible to PAN-PLY customers.

Yes, PAN-PLY delivers!

There may be a delivery charge, depending on the volume of your order and on your distance from our warehouse. We can make arrangements for inter-island shipping, with additional shipping costs.

Please get in touch with our Customer Service Agents to arrange delivery to your area.

You may choose to pick up your order from any of our warehouses, located at:

Meycauayan, Bulacan

Meycauayan, Bulacan

Dasmarinas, Cavite

Please call us at our Manila office for directions to any of our warehouses outside the Metro Manila area.You get more value for your hard-earned money, plus the convenience of having your supplies ready for pick-up immediately.

We urge our customers to check the products upon delivery. PAN-PLY’s Delivery Agents should be notified as soon as possible of any discrepancy between your order and the items delivered, as well as products found to be defective or missing.

You should also call the PAN-PLY Office immediately to inform us of items you wish to have replaced.

Full payment cash on delivery (COD) is the preferred mode of payment, especially for new customers.
Other payment terms are limited to our loyal customers-- those who have been regularly ordering from us for the past several years.
We do accept personal, commercial or manager’s checks; however, ordered items shall only be delivered only upon full payment -- that is, upon the clearing of your check payment. Clearing of local checks usually takes three (3) working days; provincial clearing takes longer.
We do not accept credit cards as of the moment.
For bank deposits, please get in touch with our office for details. As with check payments, orders can only be delivered upon confirmation of your bank deposit corresponding to full payment of your order.
You may request for a quotation or call in your orders by telephone through the following numbers:
  • 403-7537
  • 478-1650
You may also fax your orders or requests to 403-8858.
Or you may email us at any of these email addresses: info@panply.com.ph or panplyco78@yahoo.com.ph
You may also order or request a quotation through our online form.  Just fill in the requested info, enter your order in the Message area and click on SUBMIT.

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