Production Process

The products, which have undergone into four time forming, belongs to high quality level construction formwork.

Superiority: to spread glue layers upon layers. Turnover is done 30 times and the panel surface is as smooth as mirror. The panel is uniform in thickness and it is easy to remold and to cut.

Materials: Birch, Eucalyptus, Poplar Whole Core, Phenolic Resin Glue, and Melamine Glue (other technical parameters product introduction)

The Technique Standard: Strictly conforms to GB/T17656-2008 Standard of Plywood for concrete construction.

Quality Control: Implementing self-test and process inverse inspection and the inspection department carrying out regularly sampling inspection. The quality of various processes in in effective control, not only to improve the quality of the products and to increase the output quantity but also to immensely reduce the energy consumption, reduce cost, improve the utilization of formwork and wood and protect the environment.