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Everything you need in one place: from high-grade structural steel, down to fancy wood laminates and paints. And, of course, our specialty: the widest selection of lumber products in the Philippine market today.

With our efficient distribution system, you will never be beyond reach.


We source and import our products directly from no less than the best suppliers. And our excellent storage and transportation facilities ensure they get to you in top condition.

You get MORE.

We supply the lumber and construction requirements of moulding and furniture factories, lumber distributors, shopping malls, piers, hardware superstores and local hardware dealers, making up more than 500 customers nationwide.

Our capacity to store and transport large volume of supplies to our customers allows us to acquire by the volume, so you get nothing but the best deal: the best materials for the least cost.

Browse through our products and build with us!

Phenolic Plywood
Plywood Products
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